Over1000 Indigenous Women and Girls have gone missing or been murdered in Canada

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Riveting, spine-chilling, important television, Taken confronts, head-on, the clues that link the stories of these missing and murdered women and the hope of all Canadians to resolve this tragic reality for Indigenous women, and for our nation.

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Mino nákocikéwin, máwikan mósítamowin, mistahi ispihténítákon ká kanawápachikáték, Otinamákéwin óma é-acimonániwák ékoni óko óci ká wanihícik ékwa ká nisiwanácihícik iskwéwak ékwa mína óma é-pakoséníchikáték kakinaw ininiwak kita wíciwécik óma kákitimákipanik óko óci ininiwiskwéwak, ékwa óma péyakosíhtwawin.


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Tina Fontaine

Episode 1


In Taken’s first episode, we share the story of Tina Fontaine, a 15-year-old girl whose body was pulled from the Red River in Winnipeg in August, 2014, sparking international attention, and shining a spotlight on the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Highway of Tears

Episode 2


Women have been assaulted, gone missing, and been murdered along British Columbia’s Highway 16 for decades. Alberta Williams and Ramona Wilson were two young women whose proximity to the Highway of Tears made them vulnerable to violence.

Downtown East Side

Episode 3


Like many other women, Danielle LaRue and Ashley Machiskinic were lost from Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. Ashley’s death was deemed a suicide. A murderer anonymously confessed to Danielle’s death. No justice has been served, but changes have been made to promote justice and safety for women in this community in the future.

Marie Jeanne Kreiser

Episode 4


Marie Jeanne Kreiser’s family was looking forward to seeing her for Thanksgiving, 1987, in Slave Lake, Alberta. She never arrived. Though her family knows Marie Jeanne’s case may never be solved, they want the world to know who she truly was.

Emily Osmond

Episode 5


Emily Osmond was 78 years old when she was last seen by her nephew on her property on the outskirts of Kawacatoose First Nation, Saskatchewan, in September, 2007. Her family believes she was taken, because Emily's beloved dogs were abandoned, and she told no-one she was leaving. This peaceful woman vanished without a trace.

Cherisse Houle

Episode 6


In 2009, 17-year-old Cherisse Houle’s body was found near Sturgeon Creek, in rural Manitoba. Cherisse was a vulnerable teenager whose life was plagued by recurring drug use and sexual exploitation. She was a mother herself, trying to better her life.

Amber Guiboche

Episode 7


In the late summer of 2010, 20-year-old Amber Guiboche was seen getting into a red truck with a lone male occupant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and was never seen again. Her family had already been torn apart by the suicide of their mother. But Amber’s abduction drives them to search for answers and to support other families of MMIWG.

Claudette Osborne-Tyo

Episode 8


Claudette Osborne-Tyo was 21-years-old when she was last seen in Winnipeg in 2008. The mother of four children, Claudette was abused as a child, and struggled with drug addiction. But her family loved her very much, and have become some of the most powerful advocates and leaders in the support of MMIWG.

Fonassa Bruyere

Episode 9


17-year-old Fonassa Bruyere’s family got the sense from her that she might be in danger. When she went missing from the corner of Selkirk Avenue and Charles Street in Winnipeg, they never saw her alive again. A bright, bubbly girl who loved to make people laugh, Fonassa was the victim of child exploitation. Her story examines the vulnerabilities of at risk youth, and explores the inspiring healing journey of Fonassa's family.

Tanya Nepinak

Episode 10


Tanya Nepinak’s disappearance and presumed murder is one of many in a long series of unsolved violent deaths in her family. Tanya’s children have been deeply affected, and many of those who love her have become advocates for the MMIWG. A serial killer’s confession failed to solve the case of Tanya’s murder, as did a search of a Winnipeg landfill. Violence continues to plague the family to this day.

Sandra Johnson

Episode 11


Sandra Johnson was a pow wow princess from a loving family on the Seine River First Nation. In Thunder Bay, Ontario on the morning of February 13, 1992, 18-year-old Sandra Johnson's naked body was found murdered. There are many theories as to who could have committed the horrible crime, but no justice for Sandra’s family.

Maisy Odjick, Shannon Alexander

Episode 12


Maniwaki and Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation in Quebec are neighbouring communities. It was from there in 2008 that best friends Maisy Odjick and Shannon Alexander vanished without a single clue.

Tanya Brooks

Episode 13


On Mother's Day, May 10, 2009, Tanya Brooks had final telephone conversations with her family. It would be the last time they would ever speak with her again. A mother of five, Tanya was 36 years old at the time of her murder. She was seen later that evening walking on Gottingen Street in north Halifax, before being found in a school window well the next day. Each year a memorial march gains momentum, strengthening the collective objective to find her murderer.

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Taken but not forgotten

Remember the women who have been taken from our lives but still remain in our hearts.

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